Welcome to our campsite!

The following rules are meant to ensure that you and the other guests feel comfortable. We hope you will enjoy your stay at our campsite.

1. Please register at the reception as soon as you arrive. Groups should be registered by their group leader. Please let us know during registration if you have an additional tent, boat etc.

2. Temporary visitors are requested to park their vehicles in the car park outside the site or at the designated onsite parking. The campsite is entitled to charge a fee for temporary visitors. See separate pricelist.

3. Campsite staff are responsible for maintaining peace and order, and will assist if there are any problems.

4. All tent equipment of normal type and size is permitted. However, it is not allowed to set up so-called tent houses of a permanent type. Caravans shall be authorised for use with a motorised vehicle.

5. It is not permitted to use own fixtures outside of the tent or caravan, such as fences and barriers. Please ask us if you are not sure whether something is permitted or not. Please make sure that gas and electric equipment is tested and approved according to the applicable regulations.

6. Do not disturb the other campsite guests by driving motorised vehicles more than absolutely necessary. Drive at the walking speed and as short distances as possible.

7. The general rule at the campsite is to show considera-tion. Disorderly conduct is not permitted. It should be quiet between 11 pm and 7 am.

8. Help your children to find places which are suitable for playing and ball games. In most places there are designated playgrounds and playing fields. It is not allowed to throw or kick around a boll among tents and caravans.

9. Dog owners are requested to show as much considera-tion as possible towards the other guests. Keep your dogs on a short leash and walk them in the designated area or outside of the campsite.

10. The sale of goods next to or within the campsite requi-res consent from the campsite manager.

11. Please help us keep the campsite clean and free of litter. Use the refuse bins that are available at the campsite. Please do not throw hot ashes or other inflammable items into the refuse bins.

Leave the common areas (WCs, washing and shower rooms, kitchen and dishwashing room) in the same state in which you would like to find them.

13. Carwash is only allowed at the designated area.

14. Unless otherwise agreed with the reception, the cam-ping pitch shall be vacated and cleaned before noon on the day of departure, as new guests will be arriving. We appre-ciate your giving us notice of your departure day in good time, especially during the high season.

15. The campsite and its staff are not liable in the case of damage to or loss of guest property. Anyone found respon-sible for damaging buildings, materials or guest property may be held liable to pay damages.

16. We request that all campsite guests show consideration to each other and help each other to maintain order. In the event a guest does not comply with these rules, the person-nel will be required to take actions.

17. Please take care of the environment – it needs your protection.